Built to the most exacting standards, the SleepFit Brand of mattresses offers a wide range of luxurious bedding options at an extraordinary value—utilizing the latest technology and materials for the best night’s sleep possible.

From Independent Coil Support Systems to Gel Memory Foam and Latex, there’s a SleepFit mattress to fit every body type, sleep habit, and budget, you’ll rest easy when you choose SleepFit.

With our exclusive bedFITSM diagnostic system, only Mattress Land SleepFit can take out the guesswork and find the right SleepFit bed for you! More >>

“When we set out to provide a premium product at a value price, we never expected to create one of the top selling mattresses on the west coast! SleepFit has exceeded expectations in performance and quality. We continue to innovate and bring the best sleep possible at the lowest price.”

     - James Smith
       President Mattress Land SleepFit