Our Core Values

Always do what’s best for the customer.

At Mattress Land SleepFit our first order of business is to understand who our customers are and what they need in order to achieve their best sleep possible. We provide the most reliable tools and industry-leading training to help our Sleep Advisors coach and service customers at the highest level. Our commitment to BedFit and how it matches tested products to our customer’s ideal sleep profile is just one example of this truly differentiated shopping experience.

Only offer real value.

The mattress shopping experience can be very confusing with hundreds of styles and brand choices. At Mattress Land SleepFit we take the guesswork and confusion out of the process by offering only products that pass our BedFit certified testing process. We do all the research and validation for you, so you are not going from one bed to another in a sea of white rectangles, laying on each for a moment, only to guess by subjective “feel” what’s right for you. We balance product quality, comfort, support, price and your unique BedFit profile to create the true definition of value; no single element alone among these can offer real value.

Quality sleep is our business.

At Mattress Land SleepFit quality sleep is not selling mattresses. It’s only possible when a customer is properly fit with the right sleep equipment:the mattress certified right for you, the right pillow specified by that same BedFit certification, perhaps an adjustable base for the perfect sleeping position and better health, along with equipping each customer with sleep advice including about the environment in your home before and during sleep that can make a huge difference. Our business is selling customers quality sleep first, the first time.

We are only as good as our newest team member.

When I got into the sleep industry over 30 years ago, I soon realized that the only way for me to have authority and credibility in making recommendations to my customers was if I did my homework about sleep, not by salesmanship. I enlisted my peers at other stores to do the same, but so often the sale became so much more important than what makes that sale have lasting value for the customer. So when I had the chance to inspire others, like our Sleep Advisors, I committed that training would be job one. Every Sleep Advisor we hire must have this training before interacting with any customer. This is the only way I can insure you are getting my experience with every one of our Sleep Advisors in any store or in any community throughout the West we serve.

Genuinely care about and connect with your community.

We serve smaller local cities and towns and we understand that each is made up of different cultures and needs. We are not a huge corporate structure controlled from a headquarters far from the actual customer. In fact, we know the names of every Sleep Advisor, every delivery person or customer service representative who interact with our customers. We also know what’s important to them in their families and communities. So decisions we make that affect our customers are made by our people who live in these communities--we feel that local people know and understand their communities (and their value systems) best. That includes our decisions to support local churches, charities, social activities, and amazing lifelines like the Salvation Army and local Rescue missions.

Question or concern, talk to our President

There is one more ingredient in our value system that assures what I share with you is truthful: transparency, always.   You can email me anytime, regarding any concern, issue or simply a question you might have about sleep: boss'[email protected].   I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able with my level best response.

James Smith

Mattress Land SleepFit President / CEO