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Mattress Type

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When on the hunt for a new mattress that supports your sleep, choosing among the types of mattresses can be daunting. Does finding the best mattress type really matter? The short answer is YES! Mattress type is essential on your journey for a good night’s rest. Luckily, we’re here to help you comb through your mattress choices to find your optimal sleep solution. And if you’re still not sure, stop by our store and try out our BedFIT diagnostics for exceptional recommendations!

What are the different types of mattresses?

There are several different types of mattresses to consider: hybrid, pillow top, Euro top, specialty, and traditional.

  • Hybrid mattresses: These combine both foam and spring mattress layers to create well-balanced support and softness.
  • Pillow Top & Euro Top mattresses: Both are very similar mattress types because each contains an extra comfort layer for a soft, cushiony feel; with a pillow top, the layer is visible on top, and Euro top’s layer is sewn in flush.
  • Specialty mattresses: Memory foam mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses slowly conform to your body while providing excellent pressure point relief, weight distribution, and motion isolation (Gel memory foam provides cooler sleep).
  • Traditional mattresses: Innerspring and pocketed coils are traditional mattresses that have supportive coil layers surrounded by comfort layers and provide excellent support (Pocketed coil mattresses provide better motion isolation and buoyancy).

How do I choose a mattress type?

How to choose the best type of mattress for your sleep depends on your sleep position/avb-link>: back, stomach, or side.

  • Back sleepers need the support, balanced weight distribution, and bounce-back of traditional mattresses like innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses. Consider pocketed coil for better motion isolation.
  • Stomach sleepers should consider a traditional mattress or hybrid for better body contouring for the spine. Avoid the different types of mattresses with pillow layers like memory foam, pillow top, or Euro top.
  • Side sleepers do best with the shoulder and hip pressure-point relief of memory foam mattresses. If you tend to sleep hot, then you need a gel memory foam mattress.
  • Combo sleepers are sleepers who don’t have a set position, and they should look for hybrid mattresses as the best mattress type (or if your and your partner’s sleep position differs).

Traditional Mattresses vs. Hybrid Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are traditional mattresses, as they have been around since the early 1900s and have never left. That’s because the coil layers--either Bonnell, continuous, offset, or pocketed coils--provide excellent body support and weight absorption. Additionally, the pushback from the coils will hold your spine in healthy alignment, which makes it the best mattress type for back sleepers. Note that the higher the number of coils used in a traditional mattress, the more support there is. Hybrid mattresses contain the same elements as traditional innerspring mattresses, except these will also combine layers of memory foam on top. Usually, the coil layers are on the bottom for optimal support with up to three layers of memory foam on top for extra comfort. Depending on the construction of different types of mattress layers, you can find the bounce and pressure relief you need and the breathability you crave.

What type of mattress is best?

Uncovering the best type of mattress for your sleep can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but thankfully we have some expert tips for you. When testing out the different types of mattresses, it’s best to lie down in your sleep position (or whichever position you fall asleep in most often) and wait for your body to adjust to the pressure points. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need to move around to get more comfortable? Do you need to move around to get more comfortable?
  • Does any body part feel stressed or pressured?
  • Are your feet crossing when lying flat on your back?

If you said yes to any of these questions, move on to the next mattress on your list. And if you want to take out some of the guesswork, check out our BedFIT computerized test bed for a tailored list of mattress recommendations.

Now that you know a little more about the types of mattresses available for you, get ready to browse our wide selection of top-brand mattresses that are made for improving your sleep. Wondering how to find the best type of mattress to help with your sleep problems? See how our BedFIT can help with sleep disorders or contact our team of Sleep Advisers. Go ahead and give us a call or stop by your nearest Mattress Land today!