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Find Out Which is the Best Mattress Foundation for Your Sleep

Once you have the best mattress to support your sleep habits, it’s time to consider the best foundation to support your mattress. But what does that even mean? Do you even need a foundation for your mattress? A foundation supports the longevity of your mattress, but if you have a platform bed or adjustable base, you can skip foundations altogether. No doubt you have more questions about the best mattress foundation. Thankfully, our team of Sleep Advisers is sure to have the answers.

What is a Mattress Foundation?

A mattress foundation is a bed base that comes in a wooden or metal frame with a flat surface to evenly support your mattress. No matter the mattress size—whether you have a mattress foundation queen-sized or a mattress foundation king-sized sleep solution—your foundation will prolong the lifespan of your mattress and help maintain your warranty. A good foundation will also add extra height to your bed frame, keep your bed in place, absorb shock, reduce pressure, promote good airflow, and help keep your mattress clean. Foundations are different than a box spring, since a box spring has steel coils arranged in a grid, which the mattress just rests on. While box springs also offer even support, these should only be used on innerspring or hybrid mattresses (box springs will damage foam mattresses).

Types of Mattress Foundations

There are different mattress foundation bed base types, including standard foundations, low profile, ultra-low profile, powerbases, and standard bed frames.

  • Standard foundations are 7.5 inches to 9 inches high and evenly support your mattress.
  • Low-profile foundations are 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches high and provide the same support as standard foundations.
  • Ultra-low-profile foundations are 3 inches high or less and still also evenly support your mattress.
  • Powerbases (or adjustable beds) provide custom support for your mattress with head and foot motorized articulation and extended life benefits—such as help with snoring, back problems, sleep apnea, pain relief, and more.
  • Standard bed frames are metal bed frames that are easy to set up and hold the foundation or box springs in place (and some have adjustable sizes).

So, when you’re looking to buy a mattress foundation, keep in mind the height you need, or whether you should consider investing in the benefits of a powerbase.

What is the Best Mattress Foundation?

The best mattress foundation depends on the quality of the foundation and the mattress height that’s most comfortable for you. Most mattress warranty agreements state what is the best foundation for your hybrid mattress or other types of mattress (and which foundation won’t void your warranty!). A quality mattress foundation bed base will not affect the comfort level of your mattress. In addition, a good foundation will fit your mattress size and is comfortable to get in and out of, so keep that in mind when considering foundation height. Some brands will even design a compatible foundation for your mattress, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a Tempur-Pedic® mattress foundation. However, if you buy mattress foundations that are of lesser quality, they can make your mattress feel uncomfortable.

Where to Buy a Mattress Foundation?

You can buy mattress foundations directly from our catalog. We have a wide selection of foundations in all types, including powerbases, standard, low profile, ultra-low-profile foundations, and standard, metal bed frames. However, if you need more guidance when looking for the best mattress foundation, consider using our patented diagnostics. Of course, we’re talking about BedFIT™ and how it can help identify your ideal foundation type. Our system will map your body’s pressure points and provide adjustable power base options that provide better postural support for your body. Say goodbye to confusing guesswork!

Now that we’ve answered some of your questions, are you ready to browse our wide selection of foundations? Still not sure about which support is the best mattress foundation for your sleep solution? Give us a call or stop by your nearest Mattress Land and chat with our friendly team of expert Sleep Advisers! We really care about your sleep and that’s why we’re changing the face of traditional mattress shopping.