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What Mattress is Best for Me? [Buying Guide + Top Picks]

by Ann Ferguson

Most people spend a large portion of their day sleeping on a mattress. This means that a great mattress can make a difference between waking up refreshed and rejuvenated or waking up to an aching back. Choosing the right mattress for you is vitally important. One of the best ways to select a mattress is with the BedFIT online mattress quiz (the other is to try out our BedFIT test system in-store); however, this mattress buying guide is a great tool to learn the difference between mattress sizes, brands, comfort levels, and types.

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Choosing a Mattress Size

Which Mattress is Best for Me? Best Brands

Mattress Comfort Levels, Explained

Mattress Types, Explained

What Mattress is Best for Me? Choosing a Size

Choosing a mattress depends on several things: the height of the sleeper, the number of sleepers, and the size of the room. You can also factor in preferences for sleeping positions and the level of sprawling that takes place.

One of the easiest ways to select the best mattress size is to take advantage of a quiz like our online BedFit experience. This quiz makes it simple to select the perfect mattress, and you can even shop the optimal support level by mattress size. Below, we have identified the most popular mattresses sizes by dimension. We’ve also given our recommendations on the best mattress in each size.

Twin/Twin XL

As the smallest standard size for mattresses, the twin is a great bed for a single sleeper. It comes in an extra-long form as well, enabling it to accommodate taller sleepers.


  • Twin: 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL: 38” x 80”

Who Needs a Twin Mattress:

Twin and twin XL beds are best for use in rooms with a single person per bed. Children’s rooms often feature a twin bed. The most common use of the twin XL bed is in college apartments and dorms.

✓  Our Pick: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Twin Mattress (10734110)

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Twin Mattress

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Our choice for the top twin mattress is this 11” thick Tempur-Pedic model. This mattress is of medium firmness and features a cool-to-touch cover, allowing you to keep cool throughout the night. Below, this mattress has two layers of premium TEMPUR material. Tempur-Pedic mattresses relieve pressure, reduce motions, and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the day.

This mattress is available in twin and twin XL.

Full/Double/Full XL

The terms ‘full’ and ‘double’ refer to the same size when talking about mattresses. This size falls in between a queen and a twin size. Like the twin mattress, full, and double mattresses can be purchased as extra-long, giving more room at the foot of the bed.


  • Full/Double: 54” x 75”
  • Full XL: 54” x 80”

Who Needs a Full/Double Mattress:

A full bed is great for individual sleepers who prefer a roomier bed. It can also accommodate two sleepers, but they will experience a tighter fit in a full bed versus with a queen mattress. Like the twin size, the full XL size is a great fit for a taller sleeper who wants a bed with less width than a queen.

✓  Our Pick: Sealy Hybrid Performance™ Copper II Plush Full Mattress (52334540)

Sealy Hybrid Performance Copper II Plush Full Mattress

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Our choice for the top full/double mattress is this Sealy hybrid model. The hybrid mattress combines innerspring with memory foam, creating a soft but firm surface that is extremely comfortable. The Sealy Posturpedic technology provides 20 percent more coils where your body needs the most support.


While it can often be confused with the full/double size, a queen mattress is slightly larger. It has the length of a full XL mattress and a width larger than both.

Dimensions: 60” x 80”

Who Needs a Queen Mattress:

The queen-sized mattress is a more comfortable fit for double sleepers than the full size. It is also a great standard model for any guest room, or for individual sleepers who want a spacious bed. As a great go-to size, the queen gives ample sleeping room without taking up as much space as a king bed.

✓  Our Pick: Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class™ Medium Queen Mattress (700810873-1050)

Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium Queen Mattress

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Our choice for the top queen mattress is this Beautyrest hybrid model. You’ll find a combination of coils and high-quality foam in this bed, giving unparalleled cooling and comfort. At 13.5” tall with BlackICE™ hybrid cooling technology, this is a great choice for any bedroom.


The king bed is often thought of as the largest standard-sized bed. While there are several options for larger beds, the king is the most common.

Who Needs a King Mattress:

A king-sized bed is great for double sleepers, especially if they require extra room when sleeping. It is also great for double sleepers with kids that occasionally co-sleep, as it provides ample room with a 76” width.

Dimensions: 76” x 80”

✓  Our Pick: Nectar Premier Copper 14" Memory Foam King Mattress (850008309946)

Nectar Premier Copper 14" Memory Foam Queen Mattress

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Our choice for the best king-sized mattress is the Nectar Premier Copper model. This 14” mattress features 4 layers of memory foam, giving you pressure relief and a contouring fit. It is outfitted with a cooling cover woven with copper and PE fibers that quickly wick away heat, delivering a cool-to-the-touch sensation. The temperature-regulating layer draws heat away from the body, giving you a cool night’s sleep.

California King

Despite common misconceptions, a California king bed actually has a width 4” leaner than a regular king. A California king is longer, however, coming in at around 84”.

Dimensions: 72” x 84”

Who Needs a California King Mattress:

California king mattresses are great for spacious bedrooms that can accommodate such a long bed. The added foot space is also great for sleepers who have pets that enjoy sleeping at the foot of the bed.

✓  Our Pick: Kingsdown Sleep-to-Live Nourish 4.0 Ultra Plush Euro Top Hybrid California King Mattress (27243)

Kingsdown Sleep-to-Live Nourish 4.0 Ultra Plush Euro Top Hybrid Queen Mattress

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The Kingsdown Nourish 4.0 plush euro top hybrid mattress offers a cool fabric cover, plush quilt gel memory foam, 24 ILD plush gel-infused memory foam layers, 800 19 gauged lumber 1” Micro coils, plush kings zoned foams and 15.5 plush gauge 744 STL zoned wrapped coil for your comfort!

Our choice for the best California King mattress is this Kingsdown model. This hybrid model features a cool fabric cover over layers of plush quilted gel memory foam and a base of 1” micro coils. The Euro plush top provides an extra layer of comfort on this 15.5” mattress.

Best Mattress Brands

Almost as important as size selection, your choice of mattress brand can have a large impact on the quality of sleep that you get. With dozens of mattresses to choose from, narrowing it down to one brand can help. The best mattress brand for you can be determined by the BedFIT quiz.


Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made with TEMPUR material that was originally developed by NASA. It is the optimal material for pressure relief, reduced motion transfer, and contouring comfort. Tempur-Pedic also incorporates cooling materials technologies into its mattress, allowing you to sleep cool every night. Tempur-Pedic delivers easier, deeper, faster, and cooler sleep you absolutely deserve.


While lesser known in the mattress world, Nectar mattresses are of great quality. Its memory foam technology and layering mechanism facilitate great body contouring, reducing stiffness and giving you a great night’s sleep.


Beautyrest Black is a hybrid line of Beautyrest mattresses. These innovative beds contain coil structures, intricately engineered cooling technology, and pressure-relieving memory foam. This line is the perfect blend of hybrid comfort and the ultimate choice in luxury. You’ll find an indulgent sleep experience on a Beautyrest mattress.


Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail set Kingsdown mattresses apart from the rest. You’ll find amazing coil comfort in these Euro-top coil and hybrid mattresses. In an array of sizes with varying firmness levels, you’ll be able to find a great Kingsdown mattress to meet your needs.


Sealy mattresses come with over a century of hard work and innovation in the mattress design category. Sealy improves with each advance in technology and rigorously tests each product. These mattresses will offer an amazing night’s sleep every night.

Comfort Levels

hand of woman is testing mattress quality

If you’ve looked at available mattresses on the market, you’ve seen several comfort or firmness levels. Soft, plush, medium, and firm may not mean much to you if you’re not shopping in person. That’s why we recommend taking our BestFit quiz to find the best comfort level for you. Here’s a rundown on the available comfort levels:

Soft/Plush/Ultra Plush

As the softest in the comfort level category, soft, plush, and ultra-plush models offer you the squishiest mattresses. These have the ultimate contouring capabilities, allowing you to sink into the bed and experience minimal motion transfer.


Medium mattresses fall in between plush and firm. A medium mattress offers some give and contouring, but also provides some support and pushback. A medium comfort level mattress is great for those who prefer a combination, or for co-sleepers with opposing preferences.

Firm/Extra Firm

Firm and extra firm mattresses offer the least amount of give in terms of mattress comfort level. These are great for sleepers who prefer more support during sleep. They are also easier to get out of than softer beds, making them ideal for limited mobility.

Mattress Types

Like the other aspects of mattress shopping we’ve discussed, the best type of mattress for you can be determined with a mattress quiz. Here are the key differences between traditional and specialty mattresses.


Traditional mattresses include innerspring mattresses and models with pocketed coils. These mattresses offer more bounce than specialty foam mattresses. If budget is a major factor, spring and coil mattresses are often a more cost-efficient choice than memory foam or hybrid mattresses.


Memory foam, gel memory foam, and hybrid mattresses all fall under the “specialty” category. These mattresses feature foam layers, rather than or in addition to the traditional springs or coils. Foam mattresses allow for higher levels of contouring, pressure-free support, and better durability when compared to traditional mattresses.

Shop Mattresses at Mattress Land

If the question of “What mattress is right for me?” persists, at Mattress Land, you’ll find the perfect mattress for you with the help of our BedFIT technology. You can shop mattresses online today or visit us at one of our locations in California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington.