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5 Tips Why NOT to Buy a Mattress Online

by Angela Maple

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5 Tips for Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Affordable Mattress Online

How to Shop for a Mattress

Online Mattress Shopping

Shopping at Mattress Stores

Final Thoughts


When purchasing your next mattress, it may be enticing to order one online. Unfortunately, buying a mattress online might lead to dissatisfaction with the product once it is delivered if the journey left has left your new mattress ripped, torn, stiff, or worn out. If only mattress shoppers could have done some preliminary testing on the bed while it was still in the store. While research is highly beneficial in narrowing down your mattress options for the best memory foam mattress, you may feel trapped or unsure at some point throughout your internet surfing. When you can’t see or feel what you’re looking at, it’s difficult to decide.

Fortunately, our guide on how to buy a mattress online will explain the disadvantages of mattress shopping online as well as the benefits of purchasing your mattress in-store.

5 Tips for Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Affordable Mattress Online

Whether you’re a first-time mattress buyer or a mattress expert buying your newest bed, we can all use some helpful and handy mattress shopping tips. You deserve a good night’s rest and a mattress shopping experience that gets you results, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get that online. So, here are some tips for why you shouldn’t buy your dream mattress online.

  1. Can’t spend 15 minutes or more on a mattress. Unlike online, you can’t test out a mattress before buying it. You can only hope that the product description is accurate when it mentions the mattress type, firmness, and materials. But in a store, you don’t have to make a decision on the spot and can lie down on every mattress until you find the right one.  In fact, when testing out a mattress, lie down for 15 minutes in your typical sleeping posture for each option you’re seriously considering.  
  2. Can’t take notes. Although you can open multiple windows to like at several mattress websites, it can be an information overload. When you’re in the store, you can take notes on the brand, model, price, and other factors in the showroom. If you visit several stores or want to compare prices, taking notes will help you keep track rather than slowing down your laptop with tons of tabs open to research mattresses.
  3. Unauthorized Sellers: Purchasing a mattress through third-party retailer websites could result in you being misled into purchasing it from an unreliable vendor. Mattresses sold by unauthorized retailers are not covered by warranties, so you won't receive the support or protection that comes with them typically. Shopping for a mattress in a store guarantees your mattress is warranted through the store and brand your bed is repaired, replaced, or refunded if there is an is before, during, or after delivery.
  4. Can’t prepare to negotiate. When buying a mattress online, there is no room to negotiate or take down a salesperson – you take it or leave it the price offered on the webpage. Whereas in a brick-and-mortar store, you can decide on a “walk-away number” before entering. You can state the mattress price you need, or you will leave without purchasing. This strategy can give you an advantage in negotiations. For a bigger advantage, you can also look up previous sale prices to get an idea of how low you might be able to obtain if you bargain well.

How to Shop for a Mattress

Do you want to buy a new mattress but aren’t sure if you should shop online or in a store? You can trust us, we’ve been there, and both options have their strong points... and weaknesses. But which one is better for finding the best quality mattress?

Well, that’s what we’re here to answer! Let’s dive right into in-store vs. online mattress shopping.

Online Mattress Shopping

mother and daughter shopping online

With the advancement of the web, shopping online has become more convenient, secure, and affordable over the past decade.

It is possible that, in some cases, the convenience of shopping online has surpassed the need to feel the product in person. A good example is mattresses. Next, let’s explore why some people enjoy shopping for the best online mattresses and why some people dislike them.

Disadvantages of Online Mattress Shopping

Here are some of the more notable downsides of buying mattresses online:

  • Can’t try before you buy: When shopping virtually, you can’t lie down on the mattress and get a feel for it before making a purchase.
  • Limited one-on-one guidance: You have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to research as you shop online. Whereas, in a store, you have experienced mattress salespeople that can help simplify the shopping process by using their knowledge and expertise to match you with a bed that suits your needs.
  • Information overload: There’s so much information online that it can be overwhelming. With too many options and opinions dominating your screen, it can lead to paralysis by analysis.
  • Abundant distractions: When you go mattress shopping, you only have one goal — to buy a mattress. But if you’re shopping online, it’s easy to lose focus and forget what you were doing, thanks to the wonderful distractions of the internet.

Advantages of Shopping online:

Here are some of the pros that online mattress shoppers enjoy.

  • Affordability: Since online stores do not have the overhead of a physical showroom, these savings often translate into better prices for customers. Queen-sized beds can cost as little as $200 or as much as $5,000, depending on the individual’s wants and needs.  
  • Shop on your own time: Unlike a store, the internet is available 24/7, so you can research, review, and buy a mattress at your own pace and whenever you’re ready.
  • No sales pressure: When shopping from your laptop, there’s no mattress salesperson constantly hovering nearby or trying to convince you to make a decision right then and there.
  • Vast options: In a physical showroom, it’s pretty much “you get what you see” since the number of mattress models is inherently limited. However, when you shop online, you can search and sift through dozens of brands that you can investigate.
  • Easier to compare notes: Shopping online allows you to bookmark web pages and record key information to compare the construction and cost of various mattress models, sizes, types, and brands more easily.

Shopping at Mattress Stores

mattress showroom

Mattress Land is one of the best mattress stores to visit when shopping for a bed. We offer some of the finest beds, bedding, foundations, and more to help you create your ideal space. In addition to providing quality sleeping products, we want customers to leave our store feeling confident and happy with their mattress purchases. There are a few things that you can’t get shopping online, such as bed testing, expert advice, and a customized experience from a salesperson where you are treated like a person instead of just another sale. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in person.

The Upside of Shopping In-Store:

When shopping at mattress stores for a good, here are what mattress buyers love about going in person.

  • You can reach out and touch a mattress: You can actually see and feel a mattress in a showroom. Mattress shoppers can lie down on a bed to test its firmness personally rather than just rely on the firmness level described in the product description.
  • You are able to see multiple options at once: The other benefit of a showroom is that you can test out several models simultaneously. Due to its ability to compare products in real-time, this can be helpful for some people when determining what type of mattress they want.
  • You can receive informed advice: Mattress salespeople are experienced in helping shoppers find the perfect bed. You can get detailed information about any given model from them as they typically have detailed information about the manufacturer.
  • You have the ability to negotiate: This skill can really pay off when shopping in person for practiced negotiators. There’s often plenty of ability to bargain and get a lower price or other freebies like sheets, pillows, or free delivery.

The Downside of Shopping In-Store:

As great as it is to shop in person for the best mattress brands, here are some of the drawbacks that in-store mattress shoppers dislike.

  • There’s a more limited selection: Even in a huge showroom, you only see a fraction of the actual mattresses available on the market. If you want to see all your options, you may need to travel to different stores, which takes more time and energy.
  • Misleading minutes: Lying down on a mattress for just a few minutes can be deceptive. More often than not, you can’t get a true sense of the comfort and support a mattress has to offer until you’ve spent several hours, or in some cases, several nights, using it.
  • Sales pressure: Sometimes, salespeople — especially those paid on commission, may try to push you to buy on the spot. Because of this, some people may feel uncomfortable shopping in this type of environment.
  • More restrictive return policies: Sleep trials are the norm online, but many physical stores have more limited return policies that charge significant restocking fees.
  • Harder to get the best deal: Brick-and-mortar store sales are common, but the best values are often available only for a limited time, such as during the holidays. If you don’t shop at those times, you’ll need to bargain effectively, which not all shoppers are comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping may seem to be the way of the future — even for mattress shopping. The tradeoff for the convenience of shopping from home and taking advantage of online mattress deals is missing out on getting knowledgeable advice from our Mattress Land experts, a chance to get to test out mattresses, and using our exclusive BedFIT technology to find your ideal mattress. Shopping in-store for your new mattress, you need a mattress expert on hand to ensure that your future bed is perfect for you. Our salespeople see you as more than a number and want to provide you with the best mattress shopping you’ve ever had to help you create your ideal sleeping space.

Mattress FAQs

Whether you are replacing your old mattress or buying a new one, a lot of research and comparisons go into such a major purchase. So, we have given you a lot of do’s and don’ts to buy a mattress online or in-store, but you probably still have some doubts. Here are some of our shoppers’ top questions for mattress shopping.

Q: How do you not get scammed for a mattress?

When you’re looking to purchase a new mattress, you should always research the best mattress brands. You should read online reviews from a variety of sources and investigate mattress warranties. And under no circumstance would we ever recommend purchasing a used mattress.

Q: How much does a mattress cost?

Many factors play into the cost of a mattress, like materials, sizes, brands, and where you purchase it. A shopper spends as little as $250 or more than $3,500 for a new mattress.

Hybrids: $1,049–$4,099

Traditional: $250–$3,500

Specialty: $1,300–$5,100

Q: What mattress should I buy?  

If you have been thinking “what is the best mattress to buy,” truthfully, it comes down to what you need in a mattress. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, your ideal mattress shouldn’t cause you pain. Instead, it should offer all the firmness and support you need for a restful sleep.

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Why Trust Mattress Land?

Since 1996, Mattress Land has been making strides in the mattress industry to provide our customers the sleep experience they need — and deserve. We do that by offering the ultimate customer experience, complete with our trained experts, BedFIT™ computerized diagnostics, and our impressive showroom. We’ll make sure that you find the right sleep solution for your sleeping habits so you can feel energized in your day-to-day life.

We are also proud of our diverse, employee-driven culture, where our teams work hard toward a common goal. We know that better sleep makes all the difference, and our commitment to changing the landscape of traditional mattress shopping is how we know Mattress Land is one of the best mattress stores around.

Shop Mattresses at Mattress Land

At Mattress Land, we provide quality name-brand mattresses for great prices. Our sleep experts are always happy to help you learn more about why not to buy mattress online. With locations throughout California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington, Mattress Land is bound to have a sleep solution for everyone. We are more accessible than ever! You can call us at 800-909-9299, visit our website to shop Mattress Land sales, and check out Mattress Land reviews online. Or better yet, stop by one of our showrooms to discover why we are everyone’s favorite local mattress store. Visit us today!

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