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4 Tips for Adjusting to Daylight Saving Time

by Pam Silvia

In the case of “fall back” vs. “spring forward,” the latter makes for a more difficult sleep-schedule transition since we lose an hour of sleep, so we hope you didn’t cut loose by going to sleep late this past Sunday. If you still find yourself feeling groggy, do not despair. In fact, we challenge you to gain a spring in your step (pun intended) and to be the best version of yourself with these 4 bedtime tips!

1. Set a consistent bedtime routine

Get into the swing of things by implementing a nighttime routine for yourself. Not just for children, bedtime routines help unwind your mind and body—to propel you toward deeper, faster sleep by a set time. So, run a warm bath, adopt a multi-step skincare routine and read a book before it’s time to turn in.

2. Establish routine mealtimes

You’ve probably heard that eating close to bedtime is tantamount to self-sabotage, and the research backs that. Studies show that eating dinner (and post-dinner goodies) toward the end of the day is associated with deteriorated slumber, so make sure you time your last meal to allow 2–3 hours for digestion before it’s “lights out” for the day.

If you’re up to the challenge, throughout the day, avoid big meals that will weigh down on your energy and be more difficult for your body to digest. Instead, focus on foods that are rich in protein to hold you over between meals.

3. Avoid screens and coffee

Along with restraining yourself from wandering toward the fridge close to 7 p.m., turn off that TV and put away your phone. The glare from screens reduces melatonin production needed to stimulate sleep and, instead, simulates sunlight to inadvertently signal to your brain that it’s time for activity.

And before you reach for a chai latte: try to refrain from consuming caffeine 6 hours before bed—if not consumed early enough for it to be processed in your system, caffeine disrupts your circadian rhythm. If you’re really craving warmth, go for a sleepy-time tea or decaf coffee instead.

4. Invest in blackout curtains!

If you really want to kick things into high gear, transform your bedroom so that there is as little light and noise as possible (experts say these two variables are the top culprits for hindered sleep). Engulf your room in darkness with blackout curtains and drift off to Dreamland with ease. Just remember to set a morning alarm since 6 a.m. will probably still look like 12 a.m.

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