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Best RV Mattress Buying Guide for Hitting the Open Road

by Angela Maple

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With spring and summer breaks around the corner, camping trips, romantic getaways, and family vacations are a must. And what better way to travel than to hit the road in style and comfort in an RV (recreational vehicle)? Speaking of comfort, whether you plan to spend a night or three in your camper, your RV mattress will need to be up to snuff to handle those long nights and days. Like RVs, these specially designed mattresses come in many sizes to accommodate different individuals for maximum comfort, while sight-seeing through the state.

To ensure you get the closest replicated at-home sleep experience possible, our Mattress Land experts have created this guide with everything you need to know about camper mattresses, including their sizes and types, and answers to any burning questions you might have. Take a look below for more details!

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RV Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

RV Mattress Types

How to Choose an RV Mattress

Camper Mattress FAQ

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Whether you are a road tripper, weekend warrior, vacationer, or living your best RV life full-time, it is essential you have a good mattress to sleep, rest, and nap on. Your sleep should not be compromised just because you’re on the road. So, you can’t just lie down on any old mattress but an RV mattress specially designed to fit into your camper to provide you, your partner, and your kids with a comfortable place to relax and doze off while taking the scenic route.

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RV Mattress Sizes & Dimensions

Every inch of space matters when it comes to camper living. As you set out to complete your sleeping setup, you’ll come across a wide variety of RV mattresses. All in different shapes and sizes to accommodate just about any layout and size of most RVs. So, as you search for the best RV mattress for your camper for the weekend or the long haul, our experts have compiled a list of all the RV mattress sizes and dimensions so your bed will be the perfect fit.

Camper Mattress Sizes

Dimensions (Width x Length)


RV king mattress



This is the perfect choice for a big family if your RV has the space for it. RV king mattresses are considered the height of luxury and can fit large and tall sleepers or the whole family if you like sleeping together. And if you have a pop-out camper, you could even fit two RV kings on either side.

RV queen mattress



Although this mattress size isn’t as commonly found in most RVs, there are some models equipped for these queen-sized mattresses if the platform is large enough to support it. The beds are essentially the same size as a standard home mattress.

Short queen RV mattress


As a shorter version of the queen mattress, this bed can perfectly fit two adult sleepers without it being too much of a tight fit. The shorter length of the mattress allows for the bed to squeeze into tight spaces with ease.

RV full mattress



This is typically the standard size mattress found in most RVs when you first purchase one, based on the size and interior layout. The RV full is generally considered to be one of the most comfortable sizes for a single adult sleeper.

RV full mattress



This is typically the standard size mattress found in most RVs when you first purchase one, based on the size and interior layout. The RV full is generally considered to be one of the most comfortable sizes for a single adult sleeper.

RV twin mattress



Twin beds are the most common go-to for smaller RVs since they are compact and can fit just about anywhere. They are narrow and can easily fit into tight spaces. You can set them up side-by-side or use them as bunk beds if your camper can accommodate the dimensions.

RV bunk mattress









Bunk beds are the ideal choice for a family-friendly RV with lots of sleep space for kiddos. The RV bunk option comes in a wide range of mattress sizes and dimensions to accommodate many types of sleepers of various ages and sizes. Most RV layouts can fit any RV bunk mattress easily for everyone to sleep comfortably.

RV Mattress Types

Once you’ve decided on the mattress size for your camper, it’s time to choose your preferred mattress type. RV mattresses come in an assortment of styles like a foam pad with a five-to-six-inch thickness, but these aren’t as comfortable as their residential mattress counterparts. The good news is you have options! You can replace the default bed with a standard memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Known as a specialty mattress that is adaptive and durable, memory foam uses high-density polyurethane foam. The foam element is used as a support system between the upholstery layers, creating a “sinking” effect as the RV memory foam mattress contours to a sleeper’s shape and position for a cradling sensation.

Price range: $400–$1,000

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are typically made from plant- or petroleum-based materials and use a latex foam support system between the upholstery layers for a comfortable sleep.

Price range: $900–$1,500

Innerspring Mattress

These traditional mattresses use a coil/spring system and padded layers of upholstery materials (foams, fiber, and smaller springs) to provide excellent support surrounded by comfortable layering.

Price range: $250–$600

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are lightweight, flexible, maneuverable, and easy to adjust for firmness, making them an advantage for RV travel, but they aren’t great for a long-term solution. These mattresses can’t provide sufficient support, especially if damage causes a leak, making it a hassle to fix your air mattress or find a replacement while traveling.

Price range: $100–$1,100

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How to Choose an RV Mattress

Before you make your decision to purchase that camper queen mattress for your family’s summer road trip to the Lava Flow Campground at Craters of the Moon in Idaho, you should keep in mind qualities like durability, cost, comfort, and weight. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your RV, you may need to repurpose your sleeping space often. As such, you’ll also need to check your RV mattress’s durability to see if it can hold up to being casually sat on, being used as a workspace, a play area for kids, or even a place to eat. Your future camper mattress will also need to be able to endure fluctuations in temperature and humidity during those hot summer days or those chilly winter trips.

Below, we have listed a few things to consider to make sure your new camper mattress can handle anything you throw at it during the music fests, camping trips, family visits, and road trips from coast to coast.


If your mattress is too heavy, it can weigh down your camper as you take the scenic route across the country. A lighter mattress makes for an easier driving experience since you won’t be hauling too much weight. So, before handing over your card for checkout, assess how much your bed weighs.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, an innerspring mattress is much lighter compared to a latex mattress, but you are trading the lightweight weight feel of the bed for comfort. The best thing you can do is find that balance between weight and comfort to enjoy a good sleep without the weight of your bed taxing your camper.


Whether you are heading east to see the Niagara Falls or staying west to kayak in Ponderosa State Park, you need to make sure your mattress can handle all the wear and tear of your RV adventures — present and future. The sturdiness of your mattress won’t be as big of a problem if you don’t use your camper very often compared to someone who’s enjoying their retirement on the road in their luxurious RV. If you plan to live your life on the road full-time or just like to travel a lot, you’ll need to take proper care of your camper mattress and change it at least every eight years.

Firmness and Support

Like any mattress, you’ll want to ensure the firmness and support of your new mattress matches your sleep preferences. Although RV mattresses are as customizable and supportive as a standard home mattress, we highly recommend splurging a little for a firmer bed to ensure a good night’s sleep and avoid body aches in the morning.

Camper Mattress FAQs

After our in-depth review of RV mattresses, you might still have some questions. Don’t worry, we are here to answer them and put your mind at ease before you buy your next mattress.

Q: How long does an RV mattress last?

A: A good rule of thumb for an RV mattress replacement is to swap them out every eight years or so. And if you happen to be living the RV life full-time, we suggest changing your mattress every five years instead.

Q: Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

A: It depends on the size of your sleeping platform. If it is the right size and dimensions, you can use a standard residential mattress or even a regular queen size in your RV. But as a precaution, it would be best to get a camper mattress to make sure your bed properly fits your RV’s sleeping platforms since these bases are sized differently than home mattresses.

Q: What size sheets fit an RV queen?

A: An RV queen mattress dimensions are similar to a traditional queen bed (60 inches x 80 inches), so an RV queen can be fitted with the same bedding. But be sure to check if you have a queen and not a short queen RV mattress since the short queen is five inches shorter (60 inches x 75 inches).

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We are also proud of our diverse, employee-driven culture, where our teams work hard toward a common goal. We know that better sleep makes all the difference, and our commitment to changing the landscape of traditional mattress shopping is how we know Mattress Land is one of the best mattress stores around.

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