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How to Sleep Well on Your Sealy Mattress During a Storm

by Ronald Elias

Storms can be scary. Between the lightning, the pounding rain, and the darkness that goes along with them, storms can easily put a thunderous interruption into your daily routine.

Noisy interruption can have double the impact when you are trying to sleep during the crashes and flashes of a storm. So, in an effort to help our customers weather any storm, we’ve put together some tips to help you get back into your sleep routine, no matter what is raging outside.

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While we don’t have a magical storm signal blocking machine that can turn storms on and off at will, we do have some other – and more realistic – suggestions for helping you get to sleep during a storm. Though, hopefully somewhere somebody is working on that storm blocking machine.

Storms are loud, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight fire with fire. Or in this case, sound with sound. Earplugs can help quiet the world around you, or you could even use white noise to help cover up the sounds of the storm.

Crawl into bed, get nice and comfortable in your amazing Sealy mattress, and use ear plugs or white noise to create a shield that protects you from the storm. If all goes well, you’ll be off to sleep before you know it!

If the lights and sights of the storm are what get to you, black out curtains could be a good way to go. They’ll help you block that raging visual display of electricity outside your window, and provide you with a dark place to close your eyes and get some rest.

Of course, curtains aren’t going to solve all of your sleeping problems: You still need a good foundation underneath you. That’s where Sealy comes in --- with a Sealy mattress at your back, you’ll be able to get the best sleep possible, no matter what is going on in the world outside.

Three Ways to Sleep Better at Night

There are a few ways you can create a more peaceful atmosphere for yourself during a thunder storm. 

  1. Use ear plugs: if a thunderstorm is raging outside your bedroom windows and you can't seem to get some shut eye, consider investing in a few ear plugs. They will keep loud noises out and allow you to sleep more peacefully.
  2. Use a fan: If ear plugs aren't enough for you to get your beautysleep then create an ambiance with soothing louder noise. A fan can help eliminate some of the roaring that comes along with thunder storms.
  3. Create a cool environment: The Sleep Foundation recommends that the optimal sleeping temperature is roughly 65 degrees Fahrenehit. While this may vary from person to person, having a cooler bedroom at night will help stay asleep, especially during a louder night. 

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Sealy Mattress FAQs

Do Sealy mattresses need to be flipped?

Because there are no comfort layers on the bottom side, these mattresses cannot be turned. All Sealy mattresses are no-flip mattresses, so you will need to rotate them to ensure even wear. Simply counterclockwise 180 degrees, realign the mattress with the base, and you're done.

Do Sealy mattresses sag?

People claim that it has excellent motion isolation, is cool and nice to the touch, and improves their sleep quality and pain tolerance. Some claim that the edges might have been more reassuring.

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