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Feng Shui Bedroom Tips for Good Vibes

by Angela Maple

Has your bedroom been feeling off-balance? Have you had trouble getting a good night’s sleep because the energy in your space doesn’t feel right? The bad vibes, juju, and energies in your room could affect how you sleep and make you feel restless instead. But we know just how to fix that problem using feng shui, an ancient art used in interior design to create a harmonious balance for a positive flow of energy in your bedroom. This can dramatically shift the atmosphere of your bedroom and boost physical, mental, and emotional well-being for the better when you experience the maximum flow of good energy in your boudoir.

Here at Mattress Land, we want you to be able to fall asleep peacefully and wake up refreshed in a bedroom that makes you feel invigorated. So, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about Zen interior design and how to create a feng shui bedroom for the best sleep of your life. Read more for details.

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What is Feng Shui?

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors


Additional Feng Shui Tips

What is Feng Shui?

Although the literal translation of feng shui means wind and water, from a Chinese perspective, it is interpreted as the flowing energies from the Heavens (wind) and the Earth (water). In interior design, feng shui is the ancient art of Chinese geomancy where the layout of a room is set up in a way to create a sense of harmony and balance to maximize the flow of chi (qi), resulting in protection from negative vibrations and healthier space for a more well-rested sleep.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

To have a good flow of chi — the life energy that can be drawn from all living and nonliving things on earth — placement is key since the position of your furniture can significantly affect the energy in your space. For instance, if the placement of your bed blocks the flow of chi, this will manifest negative energies that could make you more prone to sickness or give you a nice dose of back luck — that’s the last thing you want. So, if you are setting up your new bedroom or rearranging your bedroom, here are a few helpful hints and tips to manifest positive and healthy energies in your sleeping space.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules:



• Your bedroom door should be visible from your bed

• Create symmetry

• Reduce clutter to a minimum

• Minimize electronics in your bedroom (parting is such sweet sorrow, we know), except for lighting

• Get a solid headboard

• Cleanse your bedroom

☒ Don’t position mirrors in front of the bed

☒ No painting above the bed

☒ Avoid nightstands with sharp corners

☒ Too many houseplants create too much yang energy (disrupts relaxing atmosphere)

☒ Don’t store things under the bed

☒ Steer clear of large, looming furniture

☒ Don’t have a multi-functional bedroom


Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

balance pair of lamps and nightstand on both sides of bed

When placing your bedroom furniture and décor in your space, layout absolutely makes and dictates the flow or blockage of chi that can create good or bad feng shui in your sleeping space. Take a look at how to position your bed and furniture to keep the good chi flowing.

Bed Placement

Regardless of what bedroom layout ideas you have, placement in a feng shui bedroom is key for creating balance and harmony in your space to let the good chi flow. When placing your bed, make sure it is in a commanding position, meaning your mattress and foundation are positioned perpendicular to your room’s door.

For a master bedroom layout, avoid aligning your bed directly with your en suite bathroom since the bathroom is commonly associated with an energy-draining space. An additional bed-related feng shui tip is, when buying a bed for your feng shui bedroom, avoid mattresses that are too big ( we’re looking at you, king beds). However, a queen or full would work since these size mattresses are ideal for creating a more harmonious connection and harmony between you and your partner.

Also, if your bedroom has a decorative beam or ceiling fan, don’t position your bed directly under it either. In feng shui, being underneath a ceiling fan or structural beam will cut the flow of chi, forcing downward pressure on you as you sleep, which isn’t good for your relationship and health.

Furniture Placement

Avoid adding tall and looming pieces of furniture like wardrobes and bookshelves in your bedroom since these pieces have a tendency to give off constrictive and oppressive energy. Instead, fill your bedroom with round and oval-shaped furniture rather than those with sharp corners since rounded pieces won’t cut the flow of chi focused on your sleeping self.


Although it may be tempting, in a small bedroom feng shui bedroom layout, under no circumstances should you store your belongings under your bed, especially non-sleep or clothing-related items. Besides affecting the positive water and wind energies in your room, it also restricts airflow under your bed, creating a breeding ground for mold under your traditional or foam mattresses.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

brown bedroom with balanced furniture

In a nutshell, the best colors for your bedroom mainly depend on what you need. In feng shui, specific colors are thought to promote maximum rejuvenation, attraction, passion, and relaxation and assist in the atmospheric concentration of good feng shui.  


For a dynamic and bold atmosphere, incorporate fire element colors in your bedroom interior. Choose warm colors that ignite passion, success, and romance like red, orange, or reddish yellow.


Avoid overstimulating colors and hues and instead pick neutral and earthy tones like beiges, creams, cool blues, and browns for a calming space that promotes peaceful vibes and restful sleep.


Hues of pinks, whites, and peaches are ideal for attracting that partnership energy to your boudoir. You can use these shades as accent colors implemented through artwork, crystals, candles, or even your bedsheets.


Draw vitality into your sleeping space and wake up feeling refreshed with walls painted in shades of blue or green. Or save these colors for accent pieces, like an eye-catching chair, dresser, comforter, or candles with rejuvenating scents (sea breeze, sweet basil, cinnamon, or clary sage).


The essential element to achieving a good flow of chi in a feng shui bedroom is a balance that creates a sense of harmony in your space through auspicious placement.


Symmetry is the essence of feng shui, bringing balance and increased relationship chi into your bedroom. One of the most important things you can do when arranging your space is to leave room on both sides of your bed; this is symbolic of creating equal space for you and your partner. As long as you intend to create space, even if your room is smaller and doesn’t allow for such an arrangement, it’s fine to move the bed an inch from the wall. And instead of buying a new side table to pair with your other, you can rearrange your dresser to the other side of your bed to keep the space equal.

Not only do you want symmetry around the middle of your bed, but you’ll also want to create that around the center of your room as well. This can be achieved by adding artwork with soothing colors or serene images that add to the positive chi in your room to raise the peaceful aura of your room for a good night’s sleep.

Two Pairs

In feng shui, in order to draw loving, harmonious energy to your sleeping space would be outfitting your room with pieces for two people — even if you’re single, you want to manifest it. If you’re sleeping your nights away in a master bedroom, consider setting up a pair of complementary nightstands and seats or accenting your room with a couple of pillows or similar lamps. This is also one of the easiest ways to create symmetry and balance in your bedroom.

Five Elements

For additional good feng shui points in your boudoir, equally include the Chinese elements of wood, metal, fire, earth, and water represented by your bedroom’s color scheme, textures, shapes, or decoration.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors

Lastly, in feng shui, it would be wise to avoid overusing mirrors in your bedroom since it is believed to create an imbalance of energy. Mirrors are thought to have the ability to activate the energy within a room; to counter that be mindful of what it is reflecting around your bedroom. (Consider facing it towards something you love to foster more positive chi. However, avoid floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors since they make the room feel twice as big, throwing off the visual balance and tricking your subconscious mind into thinking of your bedroom as a space for activity instead of rest.)

Additional Feng Shui Tips

When it comes to adding your things into your space, you want to include decorations, workout equipment, and electronics for convenience, but this could affect the feng shui of your room for better or worse.


Did you know a headboard plays a big role in your sense of security and well-being? In feng shui, a headboard symbolizes stability and support in life. The best ones are solid and secure when adding a headboard using materials like parawood or upholstery with soft edges for additional back support and an inviting feel. Avoid headboards with shelving, bars, or cubby holes, or made out of materials with cutting energies like heavy cast-iron that would disrupt your relaxing atmosphere and mind as it interrupts the flow of good chi.

Multipurpose Bedroom

If you have a tendency of using your bedroom for workouts or have turned the other half into your home office, this is a big feng shui no-no. A bedroom should be nothing more and nothing less than a space to aid in lulling you into dreamland or storing your clothes. If it’s not sleep-related, it must go! In feng shui, your bedroom is not meant to be a productive space for activity but a comfortable and cozy space of idleness that results in a night of refreshing sleep.

Minimize Technology

It’s hard to quit your laptop, TV, cellphones, and white noise machine cold turkey, but it’s recommended that besides lighting, it’s best to have little to no elements of electronics in your bedroom. This feng shui principle aids in rest, rejuvenation, and reconnection by removing all electronic and work-related distractions that create electronic and magnetic fields that can disrupt your sleep and impede the flow of chi. Without technology that creates unnatural light, your bedroom can hit its maximum natural levels of darkness for the most optimal rest. But if you are tight on space or have lived in a studio, we suggest creating a designated area for work and technology away from your bedroom to improve your sleep quality.

No Clutter

A cluttered sleep space prevents you from sleeping peacefully since the flow of good energy is disrupted. Being in a cramped room filled with things you love can be familiar, making the space feel like it’s exclusively yours. Other times it can feel overwhelmed and tight, and that’s the last thing you should want your bedroom to feel like. Clutter blocks the flow of chi and is psychologically disruptive, creating a stressful and excitable atmosphere. Following the feng shui principle, less is more with the minimal items placed and positioned correctly. To increase the flow of good chi and positive energies, create and arrange a spacious bedroom with minimal distractions to engage with that could keep you up all night.

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