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Better Sleep for Your Kids Means Better Grades

by BIll Welles

It can be a nightly battle filled with temper tantrums and stuffed animals hurled your way, but parents, if you hope to remain sane, you might need to start enforcing stricter bedtimes. While no one is looking for trench warfare in their bedtime battle, your children need to recognize that a good night’s sleep can dramatically improve their academic performance.

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If your kiddo is having trouble concentrating or staying awake in school, it might be time to reflect on their sleep schedule. For your children to thrive academically, kids of all ages and school levels need the energy, concentration, and retention skills to become creative, attentive problem solvers. Whether you’re taking your little ones to the first day of kindergarten or rushing to pack their bags to send them off to college, proper sleep is vital no matter their age.

Especially during adolescence, comfort and confidence in school require children to manage their emotions and control sudden impulses to match their environment. Their behavior is a key factor in determining their success as a student and all of these traits depend mightily on healthy, consistent sleep.

Across all grade levels, signs of excessive tiredness are often reflected as behavioral or learning disabilities. Children who are sleepier during the day are more likely to experience difficulties with attention, activity, learning, and behavior. If you want to help your child’s mood, concentration, and performance at school—it all starts with restful sleep.

5 Tips on How to Improve Poor Sleep Hygiene

The quality and quantity of sleep are found to be just as important as nutrition, especially during the developmental years of adolescence into young adulthood. If kids have poor sleep hygiene, it will be more difficult for them to perform in school. To encourage healthier sleep habits so kids are more alert and motivated during the school day, follow these tips:

1.       Prepare a balanced meal plan on a set schedule. If your kids get in the rhythm of eating at the same times each day, it will be an easier transition to get them to sleep at the same time each night.

2.       Find a consistent bedtime. If your child has a nightly routine, their bodies will start to adjust and they’ll want to go to sleep by their set bedtime. Read a book, draw a warm bath, give them a coloring book—anything to help them relax and wind down at night.

3.       Allow for at least 8-10 hours of quality sleep. They say 8 hours is the golden rule, but younger children require an additional few hours. The full amount of sleep each night will leave them feeling fully refreshed each morning.

4.       Limit distractions from electronic devices, light, and noise. If your child is used to falling asleep with the light on or in front of a screen, that is inhibiting their quality rest. The light from screens can simulate daylight, which alerts your brain and sends a signal that it’s time to wake up. That’s why a calm and peaceful, dark bedroom is the best environment for the best sleep.

5.       Get the right mattress! Our BedFIT diagnostic process will select the best sleeping surface that is so comfortable that your child will actually look forward to going to bed—as long as they still have their teddy and favorite blankie, of course.

And for the parents, be sure to take part in a healthy sleep schedule alongside your children. If they see you going to bed and don’t catch you up late watching movies, they’ll be more encouraged to get the rest they need.

Sleep is one of the best solutions from looking younger, being alert, staying motivated, and living a healthier, super-charged life. Don’t guess when it comes to your sleep—stop by Mattress Land and use our free BedFIT diagnostic process to select the best mattress for you and your kiddos sleep. It can be a reward for straight A’s on their report card! Visit us today!

Poor Sleep Hygiene FAQs

Poor sleep hygiene encompasses a lot. Let's dig in.

What can poor sleep hygiene effect?

Poor sleep hygiene effects more than just your 8 hours of sleep a night. Low energy, mood swings, lack of motivation, memory problems, and headaches are just a few things that poor sleep hygiene can effect. These symptoms will vary based on the person but getting a quality nights rest is essential.

What is considered sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is the environment you sleep in, what you do leading up to falling asleep, and how to maintain your bed, sheets, and body.

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