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The Best Mattresses for Couples

by Bill Welles

There are few things more important than a healthy and consistent sleep schedule, but as many couples are aware, sleeping alongside a partner has its difficulties. Body heat, moving around during the night, and a limited sleep surface can all hinder your ability to achieve a deep, restful night’s sleep.

If you wake up often due to your sleep partner scissor-kicking in their sleep, some of the best mattresses for couples are designed to isolate movement and keep the bed nice and cool. Finding the perfect couple-friendly mattress can prove to be a hefty task, but it’s an important step to take if your sleep routine is suffering.

It’s about finding optimum comfort and improving sleep for two different individuals. Sleep divorce is always the last resort, so our team at Mattress Land is here to help those sleeping in a pair. We can’t prevent snoring or the occasional elbow in your side, but we can help you out with a few of our top mattress picks for couples.

Our Top Picks: The Best Mattresses for Couples

  • Best overall: TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress
  • Best budget-friendly: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best luxury: TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze Mattress
  • Best for active couples: Sealy Hybrid Performance Mattress
  • Best for heavier couples: Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Mattress
  • Best for different weights: TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for differing sleep preferences: Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill Plush Mattress

couple lying in bed together smiling

Best Overall Mattress for Couples

TEMPUR technology has been redesigned to suit the lifestyle of any couple. The TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Queen Mattress (10734150) is the perfect size for two sleepers to rest comfortably. This bed combines cool-to-touch comfort with two layers of premium TEMPUR Material designed to adapt and conform to your body’s changing needs throughout the night. Motion is fully absorbed to limit the effects of tossing and turning, and pressure points are fully relieved to provide a rejuvenating sleep experience.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • TEMPUR-ES comfort layer provides a softer feel and works with other layers to provide supportive comfort.
  • TEMPUR Support layer offers advanced adaptability for truly personalized comfort and support.
  • This mattress includes a cooling cover made with premium knit technology.
  • Tempur mattresses are designed and assembled in the USA with a 10-year limited warranty.

Tempur Adapt mattress

Best Budget-Friendly Mattress for Couples

If you’re a long-term couple, then odds are you share some expenses. If you’ve got a rainy-day fund set aside, why not put it toward a new mattress? There are plenty of budget-friendly mattresses for couples that prove to be of tremendous value.

For example, the Nectar Classic 3.0 Memory Foam Mattress in a Box (Nectar3.0-F) comes in at only $699 and includes a Cooling Action Cover to wick away heat and provide a refreshing cooling sensation. You and your sleep partner will experience even weight distribution, contouring comfort, and pressure relief along your hips, neck, and shoulders.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • Nectar supports your body as only adaptive foam can.
  • Each layer of memory foam provides crucial rebound and bounce to absorb motion.
  • Reinforced supportive layers provide a stable, breathable foundation.

Best Luxury Mattress for Couples

If you and your sleep partner dream of a luxurious night’s sleep, the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze Firm Queen Mattress (10244150) will bring that dream to life. Much like the first Tempur-Pedic mattress listed, the LUXEbreeze model works to keep you comfortable all through the night with a 4-level system of cutting-edge cooling materials.

The zip-off cover provides double the cool-to-touch comfort when you lie down, and exclusive PureCool+ Phase Change Material absorbs excess heat while you fall asleep. TEMPUR-CM+ combined with Ventilated TEMPUR-APR provide next-level airflow and maximum pressure relief throughout the night.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze feels 8 degrees cooler than your bedroom temperature.
  • The 13-inch mattress is wide enough to comfortably fit two sleepers.
  • Built-in ventilation channels enhance airflow to lower your body temperature.

TempurBreeze cooling map

Best Mattress for Active Couples

Sealy Hybrid Performance Z9 Copper II Firm Mattress (52333551)

If you’re an active couple always on the go or looking for your next adventure, you’ll need a mattress to help you recover. Let us introduce the Sealy Hybrid Performance Z9 Copper II Firm Mattress (52333551). Combining a durable innerspring with Sealy's exclusive Posturepedic Technology, you’ll experience all-over support on the achiest parts of your body.

The Sealy Hybrid line includes the best of both worlds—lightly-conforming comfort on top, with stable deep-down support below. The exclusive Posturepedic Technology supports the heaviest part of your body with 20 percent more coils than a traditional hybrid mattress—giving you that "sleep-on-top" feeling.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • Chill Cool-to-the-Touch technologies help promote a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Sealy Immersion Advanced Memory Foam allows for a more breathable, comfortable sleep surface.
  • Sealy ComfortSense Foam is designed to respond to your body's unique shape for a more comfortable night's sleep.
  • DuraFlex Coil Edge System is a high-density, flexible coil border surrounding the mattress for better edge support, more usable sleeping surface, and improved durability.
  • Foams used are CertiPUR-US Certified.

Best Mattress for Heavy Couples

We understand that sleepers come in all different heights, sizes, and body types, and Beautyrest Black
mattresses are designed with everyone in mind. More specifically, the Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Firm Mattress (700810875-1050) provides eight hours of pure luxury each night with an elevated design and performance system.

The T3 Pocketed Coil Technology and high-quality foams create unparalleled cooling and comfort. Three steel strands wound into one coil absorb energy, reduce motion, and provide exceptional resilience for support, durability, and undisturbed sleep. The BlackICE Hybrid Technology controls temperature flocculation so you can fall asleep cooler and stay asleep throughout the night while the RightTemp Memory Foam pulls heat away from your body.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • You will experience an immediate cooling sensation from the cool-to-the-touch cover.
  • Curated Technoluxe foams reduce pressure points in your hips and shoulders.
  • The ContourFit design offers superior stretch for a deeper, easier sleep.

nicely made bed in a luxury bedroom

Best Mattress for Couples with Different Weights

Similar to the Beautyrest Black mattress above, it’s equally important to find a mattress that can properly balance differing weights. If your sleep partner is a former pro-athlete whose muscles take up half of the bed, this can throw off the support you feel from your mattress.

Luckily, the TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Memory Foam Mattress (10737150) is expertly engineered to contour and support any weight or body type. With the most pressure-relieving material Tempur has ever created and one-of-a-kind cooling technology, this mattress will adapt to your body’s unique needs. Pressure points are alleviated, motion is absorbed, and every point of contact is fully supported.  

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • SmartClimate Dual Cover System offers a zip-off, cool-to-touch cover and super-stretch inner panel for convenience and comfort.
  • The 12-inch mattress provides plenty of edge support.
  • Tempur-Apr offers all-over support for a rejuvenating level of sleep.

Close-up of Tempur ProAdapt medium mattress

Best Mattress for Couples with Different Sleep Preferences

Different sleep preferences can make it difficult to find the perfect couple’s mattress. However, Sealy’s three mattress lines provide the support you need with the feel you prefer—whether it's innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid material. Every line is available with exclusive Posturepedic Technology, so there’s a mattress type and support level out there for everyone.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium Silver Chill Plush Mattress (52335451) combines innerspring with memory foam and the added targeted support of Posturepedic Technology. Each part of your body needs different kinds of support, and this technology targets these zones for deep support and comfort.

What makes this mattress stand out?

  • AllergenProtect guards the mattress against common allergens to help it stay fresh.
  • Sealy Chill technology is featured in both our performance cover and on the sleep surface.
  • DuraFlex Coil Edge System surrounds the mattress for better edge support, more usable sleeping surface, and improved durability.
  • The center zone of the mattress features nearly 20 percent more coils than a typical hybrid bed.

Shopping for a Mattress for Couples: What to Look For

If you refer to our blog on customizing your side of the bed, you’ll remember just how important it is for couples to establish their ideal comfort level. A great thing to look for during your mattress shopping conquest is an adjustable base. An adjustable base allows couples to choose what exactly they want their mattress to feel like.

It’s a versatile way to improve your sleep and rest comfortably together as a couple. For example, the Sealy Ease 3.0 Adjustable Foundation (624889-Q) lets your bed adjust you. The premium power base lets you put yourself in the best position to sleep, sit, read, work, or watch TV. It’s all part of a holistic sleep system to provide ultra-customized, powerful sleep.

And don’t forget about our exclusive BedFIT technology. This diagnostic sleep test is the best way to discover your ideal support rating so you and your partner can fall in love with a good night’s sleep.

couples fit sticking out of the covers with little paper hearts scattered around

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