Exploring the Top 7 Mattress Brands [Brand Guide]

January 27 2023 by Bill Welles

Are you getting enough sleep? For most people, the answer is a resounding “no.” There are countless reasons as to why you might be experiencing a turbulent sleep schedule, but one of the easiest ways to correct this problem is with a new mattress. A quality bed can last over a decade, and if you take good care of your mattress, your mattress will take good care of you.

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The top mattress brands provide optimal support and comfort levels to fit any height, body type, or sleeping style. If you're a light sleeper and wake easily during the night, a new mattress with motion transfer will make it so you never notice when your sleep partner rolls out of bed in the morning.

If you're tired of kicking your legs out of the covers, a mattress with cooling properties will allow you to sleep cool throughout the night.

You spend more time in your bedroom compared to any other room in the house, so we think you deserve a mattress that will provide the perfect night's sleep every day of the week. If you're ready to make your dreams come true, follow our guide and explore the top mattress brands available at Mattress Land.

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1. Sealy Mattresses

Sealy mattresses provide better sleep because they offer targeted support to ensure your body's core is properly supported and sustained. For over 130 years, Sealy has built mattresses with industry-leading product testing. No matter your budget or sleep preferences, you'll find a mattress that is right for you.

 Built proudly right here in the USA, you can shop between the Sealy hybrid collection and the Sealy Posturepedic collection. Our best-rated hybrid mattresses pair the responsive support of an innerspring with the body-conforming comfort of memory foam. Sealy Posturepedic features cooling comfort, edge-to-edge support, and reduced motion transfer to provide a soft, cushiony feel whether you're a stomach, side, or back sleeper.

Our Sealy Choice: Sealy® Calabasas Firm Hybrid Queen Mattress


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Looking for a mattress that offers the best of both worlds? Look no further than the Sealy® Calabasas Firm Hybrid Queen Mattress. This mattress combines the support of motion-reducing encased coils with breathable memory foam and supportive gel foam, so you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep. Plus, the reinforced edge increases durability, while the moisture-wicking, antibacterial cover helps to keep you cool and keep the mattress protected. So why wait? Get the best of both worlds today with the Sealy® Calabasas Firm Hybrid Queen Mattress.

bedroom with Sealy mattress

2. Sterns & Foster Mattresses

If you invest in a Sterns & Foster Mattress, you can rest assured that your bed has been designed with the finest handmade details to provide a truly exceptional sleep experience.

Uncover elegant materials and lavish comfort with the Estate and Lux Estate collections. Each time you rest your head you'll feel an indulgent sense of pure relaxation. The Estate beds are handcrafted to fit your sleep style and your interior design. The Lux Estate is the bed that takes luxurious comfort to the next level.

Our Stearns & Foster Choice

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Introducing the Stearns & Foster® Lux Estate® Cassatt LE2 Luxury Firm Queen Mattress. This mattress is the next level in Stearns & Foster quality and features, adding hand- tufting for increased responsiveness and durability, as well as our innovative Pillowtop Support™ Layer for plush (Pillowtop Models), adaptive comfort. The luxurious Euro- top has a tight Channel- quilt design with coordinating details. It also has an extra firm center third to provide additional support where you need it most. Our exclusive Individually Wrapped Coil Innersprings deliver long lasting support and durability, while the Advanced Adapt™ Foam conforms to your body for added pressure relief. You'll love the way you sleep on this mattress!

3. Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are like no other mattress. Made with pressure-relieving materials originally developed by NASA to absorb the G-Force of astronauts traveling into space, they have now been perfected to provide the highest quality sleep.

A Tempur-Pedic mattress will allow you to sleep easier, deeper, and cooler. They absorb pressure points to reduce tossing and turning, reduce motion transfer between you and your sleep partner, conform to your body's unique needs, and they are designed with cutting-edge cooling materials to create a cooler sleeping environment.

The classic collection with legendary support goes to Tempur-Adapt. The most popular collection with advanced pressure relief goes to Tempur-ProAdapt. The most advanced collection with the complete Tempur experience goes to Tempur-LuxeAdapt. Finally, the coolest collection with all-night temperature relief is awarded to Tempur-breeze.

Our Tempur-Pedic Choice: Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ Medium Hybrid Queen Mattress


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A J.D. Power Award winner, the Tempur-ProAdapt Hybrid Mattress is expertly engineered with the most pressure-relieving material Tempur has ever created, specifically designed coils, and one-of-a-kind cooling technology. Both support and comfort layers offer advanced adaptability for personalized support, the mattress includes over 1000 premium spring coils designed to work with the material for easier movement, and the SmartClimate Cover System offers next-generation technology with a zip-off, super-stretchy inner panel for added convenience.

modern bedroom with Tempur mattress

4. Beautyrest Black Mattresses

We like to think of sleep as an all-natural performance enhancer, and Beautyrest Black is designed for the most restorative sleep, giving you heightened focus, maximized energy, and ultimate clarity during the day.

Beautyrest Black is the epitome of indulgent sleep. With innovative coil structures, intricately engineered cooling technology, and the latest in pressure-relieving memory foam, the Beautyrest Black Hybrid line is the perfect blend of flexible comfort and luxurious quality.

The T3 Pocketed Coil technology only found in Beautyrest Black is a triple-action support system with three steel strands wound into one coil to absorb energy, reduce motion, and provide exceptional resilience for support, durability, and undisturbed sleep. The BlackIce Hybrid technology is Beautyrest's most advanced cooling technology used to maintain temperature so you can sleep cooler and more soundly. After the immediate cooling sensation, the RightTemp memory foam pulls any remaining heat away from your body.

Exclusive to Beautyrest, the ContourFit design is made with a superior stretchy surface, allowing you to engage more closely with the pressure-relieving memory foam for a deeper, easier sleep. This mattress line is made from a Self-Response Latex that bounces back to the original shape faster than memory foam, which is especially beneficial for side sleepers.

For a seamless integration of luxury and technology, shop the Beautyrest Black X-Class in plush, firm, or medium firmness levels and experience the beauty of unparalleled comfort.

luxury Beautyrest Black mattress

5. Purple Mattresses

If you read our Purple mattress brand guide, then you know how impactful this mattress brand can be. Purple mattresses are made with five adaptive memory foam layers that are designed to relieve common pressure points beneath your shoulders, hips, and legs for better spinal alignment.

The Purple GridTM is the only breakthrough in comfort that is instantaneously firm where you need it, luxuriously soft where you want it, and cool all night long. In other words, it's the perfectly comfortable feeling you've been wanting all night.

Your shoulders and hips put pressure points where they shouldn't be while you're lying down, which can make it difficult to sleep. Ingeniously flexing to softly cradle specific pressure spots, the Purple Grid creates the sensation of zero gravity.

6. Kingsdown Mattresses

Since 1904, Kingsdown has produced handcrafted mattresses using only the finest materials available. Recognized as a premium mattress pioneer, they are one of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world. Before any Kingsdown mattress goes out the door, it is tested and certified for a precise support level to ensure years of postural stability and comfortable, healthy sleep.

Kingsdown has advanced the field of sleep science research with their exclusive bedMATCH system, the world's most intelligent diagnostic system for determining personalized support needs. Thanks to bedMATCH, over 13 million sleep profiles have been created based on the unique expertise of all mattress varieties and support systems.

7. SleepFit Mattresses

The SleepFit brand of mattresses offers a wide range of luxurious bedding options at an extraordinary value—utilizing the latest technology and materials to provide a high-quality experience.

Spa Retreat for SleepFit features CoolTouch fabric to maintain a cool, comfortable sleeping environment all through the night. It benefits those who often experience deeper REM-level sleep because it draws excess heat away from your body while absorbing pressure so you can sleep undisturbed without tossing and turning.

Sleep Essentials for SleepFit features a wide range of mattresses and foundations to fit your needs. Whether you prefer Pillow Top or Euro Top, you can find the right mattress to improve your sleep routine and wake up on the right side of the bed.

Our SleepFit Choice: Sleep Essentials Danbury 1.5 Latex Hybrid Euro Top Firm Queen Mattress


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The Sleep Essentials Danbury 1.5 is the perfect mattress for those who want a firm, supportive surface to sleep on. It features a performance stretch knit fabric that is specially designed with cooling yarns for a cool-to-the-touch surface. This mattress also has a 100% natural fire barrier and layers of Super Soft Gel Infused Foam that conform to your body and help you sleep cooler. The Firm Foam also conforms to your body and helps you sleep cooler.

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You can't go wrong with any of our top mattress brands, but the different sizes, comfort levels, and model types will help you narrow your decision. You can select your preferred base or foundation, your ideal material type, and any level of support from extra firm to extra plush.

Decide on the exact mattress size you need for your lifestyle and you'll be ready to upgrade your old, dusty mattress with a top-rated mattress brand. And remember, your industry experts at Mattress Land are here to assist with any mattress needs big or small. If you're ready to experience better sleep, visit us at one of our 19 store locations across California, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho, or shop online today!

Mattress Brand FAQs

After all this, you probably have some sleep-related questions. Lucky for you, Mattress Land has real answers. If you're wondering about mattress brands, adjustable bases, sleep type, sleep problems, BedFit, and more, navigate to our FAQ and sleep health sections to find the answers to your questions.

What are the best mattress brands?

There are so many mattress brands. Depending on how you sleep, your height and weight, and if you tend to sleep with a partner or not will help you decide which of the brands above are best for you.

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