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Best Bed in a Box Mattresses

by Bill Welles

If you’ve heard the term “mattress in a box” or “bed in a box,” this refers to any online mattress brand whose products are compressed and placed into a box before being shipped out. Box mattresses have led to a boom in the mattress industry because it has made products more accessible to consumers.

The best bed in a box mattress brands are comparable to products sold in retail stores in terms of materials, construction, and performance, but the biggest difference comes by way of price. Online brands typically experience lower overhead costs if they are operating a fully digital store, and as a result, bed in a box mattresses tend to be more affordable than mattresses from brick-and-mortar stores.

In this guide, our team at Mattress Land wanted to help you find the best bed in a box brands available, so stick around as we highlight reviews, product recommendations, and the benefits of box mattresses.

Bed in a Box Recommendations

There isn’t one exact mattress that will be suitable for every type of sleeper, but depending on your budget and sleep requirements, a box mattress can be a beneficial and long-lasting investment. We recommend our bed in a box products if you fit one of the following groups:

  • You need greater motion transfer for you and your sleep partner
  • You enjoy the feel of memory foam but not the typical heat it gives off
  • You tend to sleep on your stomach
  • You suffer from consistent hip, neck, or shoulder pain due to your current mattress
  • You're a heavier individual who needs an appropriate level of comfort and support

Nectar mattress

How Does it Work?

Before your mattress is shipped to you, it is compressed, encased in plastic, and rolled into a cylindrical shape. This process, known as “roll packing,” reduces the mattress to a compact size that can be placed into a box for delivery without any damage to the materials. The mattress will expand as soon as it is removed from the box and return to its fully intended shape. The combination of foams, coils, and other components should fully recover and be ready to use within one or two days of opening.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Bed in a Box?

If you’re still weighing your options, there are many benefits to choosing a bed in a box brand. Let’s discuss a few of them below:

Lower Prices: As we mentioned previously, box mattresses are an inexpensive choice compared to many models that are sold exclusively in-store. Online retailers will often have fewer expenses involved and can sell their products for a more affordable price.

Shopping Convenience: It’s easy to shop for a mattress online and make a transaction with a few quick clicks of the mouse. You do not need to visit a store location to see the mattress and learn about the materials, construction, and quality, which can be especially beneficial for those in rural communities that do not have a mattress store nearby.

Online brands will also offer live chat services so you can browse the catalog and ask questions without any pressure from sales associates. Most bed in a box websites will contain detailed product specifications and images for shoppers to compare products and brands before making a purchase.

Sleep Trials and Delivery: Box mattresses are often eligible for free delivery via various ground couriers. You may even come across brands that offer free White Glove delivery including assembly and mattress removal.

Some shoppers might be hesitant to buy something they haven’t physically tested in a store; however, most online mattress brands offer a sleep trial period that allows customers to test out the mattress for a pre-determined amount of time (typically 90 days). This is where you can decide if you want to keep the mattress, exchange it for a different model, or return it and get your money back.

woman sleeping with eye cover on

The Best Bed in a Box Brand: Nectar

Nectar is one of our favorite bed in a box brands for sleepers who love the conforming comfort of memory foam. Nectar mattresses have helped broaden the online mattress industry and all-foam products with a design that focuses on balance, pressure relief, comfort, and cooling. At Mattress Land, you can choose between three mattress varieties, including Nectar Classic, Nectar Premier, and Nectar Premier Copper.

Nectar mattresses include five supportive layers over a high-density foam base. The medium-feel surface that is neither too soft nor too firm provides a balance of contouring comfort and deep support to suit sleepers of all body types and sleep positions. Side sleepers will receive plenty of cushion for their shoulders and hips to ensure proper spinal alignment, while back and stomach sleepers  will experience the full-body hug without sinking into the mattress.

Product Recommendation: Nectar Classic 3.0 Memory Foam Mattress in a Box (Nectar3.0-Q)

The Nectar Classic 3.0 features a quilted Cooling Action Cover that is used to wick away heat and provide a cool to the touch sensation. Each layer of foam distributes your weight evenly, offering pressure relief and contouring comfort to those sensitive areas. The Nectar Classic supports your body as only adaptive foam can, providing crucial rebound and bounce while reinforcing the supportive layers to offer a stable, breathable foundation.

Nectar mattress

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Competing Bed in a Box Brands

While Nectar is leading the charge of quality box mattresses, there are a few competing brands that are trying to keep pace.

Tuft and Needle: A luxury foam mattress brand with affordable prices, we wanted to see how Tuft and Needle compares in terms of elevated comfort. Their line of mattresses provide reliable support, but Nectar mattresses have more foam layers and are known to adapt to your body slightly better. Tuft and Needle also includes a protective cover for your mattress but doesn't offer quite the same cooling properties as Nectar.

Helix: Helix specializes in hybrid mattress designed to suit sleepers according to sleep position, body type, and firmness preferences. Their mattresses are well-balanced with a medium-firm feel much like Nectar; however, Nectar’s foam layers benefit stomach, back, and side sleepers equally, as highlighted in the Nectar Classic review.

Helix mattresses typically retail for slightly higher than Nectar products and don’t always have the same supportive features. Helix does have a line of pillow-top mattresses that are quite soft and adaptive, but they aren’t as stable as Nectar products and don’t focus as much on cooling properties.

Dream Cloud: Dream Cloud is another hybrid mattresses known for impressive pressure relief and balanced support. The poly-blend cover regulates temperature well and allows for a breathable sleep surface, but it doesn’t wick away heat and provide an instant cooling sensation quite like a Nectar.

Nectar products are made with CertiPUR-US gel memory foams and adaptive support layers that cradle the body for superior bounce and cushion. And if anything ever goes wrong, you can count on Nectar’s Forever Warranty.

Cocoon by Sealy: We’ve spent plenty of time reviewing Sealy mattresses, so we know the quality of their products. Cocoon by Sealy uses a simplistic design with a high-density base layer much like Nectar. Cocoon mattresses are often firmer than Nectar products which can be a problem depending on your sleep position, and they come at a much higher price tag than the Nectar mattresses we carry at Mattress Land.

The soft mattress options are good for side sleepers, but you may experience more sinking than you would with a Nectar product. If you’re a back sleeper that enjoys a firm bed, it will keep your spine aligned but won’t attack pressure points to the level of a Nectar.

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Shop the Best Bed in a Box Brand at Mattress Land

Nectar is an excellent bed in a box product for heavier sleepers, those who hug the edge of the bed, or anyone who just can’t get enough of that pillowy memory foam feel. With two comfort layers comprised entirely of memory foam, you’ll experience a luxurious night’s sleep at a fair and balanced price.

Don't forget to refer to our Nectar mattress review article for a comprehensive breakdown of materials, pricing, buying considerations, and pros and cons. And if you think you're ready to explore the best bed in a box mattresses, you can always find the best selection of products at Mattress Land.

To find out more, you can shop Mattress Land products at any one of our 19 store locations across California, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho, or you can navigate our digital catalog and shop online.