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Adjustable Foundation FAQ: Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

by Olly Mason

In previous articles, we’ve covered basic topics, such as customizing your side of the bed and understanding how to find the right mattress in order to help make your next purchase a perfect match. Hopefully, you’ve found the mattress of your dreams—so, now what?

It’s time to consider other ways to take your sleep comfort to new levels of bliss. Specifically, adjustable bed bases. While powerbases all provide the same purpose, there are still many questions buyers ask, such as how they work, the benefits of an adjustable base, or even “What is an adjustable base for a bed?” Below, we give you the answers in this adjustable mattresses bases FAQ.
Beautyrest mattress on an adjustable base

Question 1: What is an Adjustable Bed Base? 

An adjustable bed base is a multi-positional bed platform used to elevate a mattress, usually at an angle between 40–70 degrees. Since they work independently from a mattress, these bases can be enjoyed with every upgrade or replacement for up to 20 years on some models.

Question 2: How Do Adjustable Beds Work? 

Normal bed bases are stationary, using either slats or a platform to sustain a mattress. On an adjustable base, however, there are a series of joints added to the frame. Each joint acts independently, rotating to a certain degree of angle. This gives an adjustable base the flexibility to isolate certain areas of the bed—say, the foot to elevate the legs for better circulation—or work in unison to create a sequence of angles able to incline at custom levels.

Keep in mind, these are electric-powered bases. The distance to the nearest outlet will play a role in the ultimate location of your bed when adding an adjustable base to the mix.

Side view of an adjustable mattress inclined at an angle

Question 3: Do I Need an Adjustable Base?

While adjustable bed bases are a luxury item many sleepers are incorporating into the bedroom, adjustable bed frames also provide many health benefits, which can aid sleepers unable to enjoy quality sleep due to a certain condition.

Specifically, using an adjustable bed foundation can help:

Alleviate the pain of arthritis by lifting pressure off joints

Reduce snoring by repositioning the head for better airflow

Reduce back pain with optimum positioning that is healthier on the back and spine

Fight against acid reflux

Promote better circulation, especially when legs are positioned above the heart

Woman plugging her ears as man snores in bed

But users don’t have to suffer from an ailment in order to reap the benefits. Having an adjustable bed frame can also be useful if you read in bed or enjoy watching entertainment sitting upright. In some instances, an adjustable bed base can also replace the need for a headboard entirely. 

Question 4: Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Bed? 

It’s recommended to only use mattresses that are compatible with an adjustable bed base. Failure to do so can disqualify mattress warranties and even damage a mattress.

The best mattresses to use with an adjustable bed frame are memory foam, latex, and hybrid. Some manufacturers approve their innerspring mattress models to be used with a moving bed base, but in general, we recommend avoiding the practice.

That’s because memory foam and latex are made of pliable materials that spring back into shape—it’s what gives them their contouring properties. Hybrid mattresses have a layer of one of these materials to guard against coil distortion, but innerspring (including pocket coil mattresses) have little to no protection against bending, which can warp the coils, leading to damage, and ultimately, discomfort.

Question 5: Can You Use an Adjustable Base with Any Bed Frame? 

In general, adjustable bed bases are compatible with just about any bed frame—but there are a few disclaimers:

  1. Bed frames that use slats for support are the most flexible when it comes to adding an adjustable bed frame. However, it’s important to have enough slats to hold the added weight of the base. A minimum of seven slats is good, though the more, the better. Or simply remove the slats altogether and use the legs on the base for support.
  1. Platform bed frames are a little trickier. For one, you’ll need to keep in mind zero clearance. In other words, when an adjustable bed is elevated, the bottom portion needs to angle to lift that part of the mattress up. However, that means the legs angle down. Since platform bed frames are a solid foundation, that means the legs will hit the frame. In some instances, removing the legs on the adjustable bed frame may solve the problem.  

Question 6: Can I Use a Headboard with an Adjustable Bed?  

Many (if not most) adjustable bed bases come with specialized brackets that allow users to attach a headboard directly onto the new base. Headboards are a great addition to a bed with an adjustable base since they serve as a fixated place where users can sit up completely for even more accommodation in a sleep space.

Question 7: How Much Does an Adjustable Bed Cost?  

Mattress Land offers some of the best prices on adjustable bed frames in California, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho. While our prices range between $1,199–$3,199, our regular sales and specials mean buyers can find great options for affordable prices.

Here are a few examples of the great deals you can expect from Mattress Land:

⊳ Best Adjustable Base Less than $1,000: Sealy® Ease™ 3.0 Queen Adjustable Foundation-624889-Q

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⊳ Best Mid-end Adjustable Bed Base: Malouf® Sleep Structures™ M555 Queen Adjustable Bed Base-STM555QQAB

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⊳ Best Luxury Adjustable Bed Base: Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Queen Adjustable Foundation with SleepTracker.-25573150

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Question 8:  What is the Best Adjustable Bed Base? 

Mattress Land recommends three adjustable base brands:

  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Sealy
  • Malouf

Mattress Land trusts the quality and performance of Tempur-Pedic for its mattresses, and its powerbases are just as recommended. Select models come with Wi-Fi compatibility, massage functions, and automatic snore response that heighten your sleep experience.

Sealy is another reputable name in the mattress industry, and its adjustable bases are just as reliable. Features include wireless remote control and Sealy’s Zero-G function that elevates the body for improved circulation.

Although Malouf is not as popular as its counterparts, the brand still wows with its features. Along with Wi-Fi management, perks range from USB charging and zero clearance installation to a 12 dual-zone massage function and Zero Gravity elevation—plus a 20-year warranty.

Question 9: Are Adjustable Beds Worth it?  

With the right mattress in your bedroom, the addition of a moveable bed base can help elevate your sleep experience into a routine that is truly tailored to your needs. We highly recommend adjustable bases for sleepers who suffer from chronic or occasional discomfort, but we also encourage users to consider the mattress as well. Adding an adjustable base to a mattress that is bad for your body will cost you more and solve nothing.

Wondering if your mattress makes the cut? Take the guesswork out of the equation. At Mattress Land, our BedFIT program does the thinking by making over 11,000 calculations across 18 statistical measurements. In the end, we suggest a perfectly suited mattress that will help alleviate joint, back, and muscle pain, and together with an adjustable mattress base, you can enjoy twice the health benefits.

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