Alleviate Back Pain
Inclining your bed at 45 degrees provides relief for the lower back. Raising the foot of the bed relieves even more pressure on the spine.
Acid reflux and Heartburn Relief
On a flat bed, acid moves to the esophagus leading to episodes of acid reflux or heartburn. Elevating the upper body 6 to 8 inches helps the stomach to retain the acids.
Better Breathing for Maximum Lung Expansion
Improved breathing prevents the heart from working harder to deliver oxygen and blood to vital organs, keeps the sinus and lungs clear, and keeps fluid and mucus at bay.
Asthma and Snoring
Normally adjusting the upper part of the bed to a higher position eliminates or reduces snoring. Plus, elevating the upper body benefits people with asthma by unrestricting air tubes.
Edema Pain Due from Fluid Retention
Raising knees, legs and feet helps prevent fluid buildup and reduces weight gain in the legs and extreme pain.
Now you can find a comfortable position faster without tossing and turning while improving circulation of blood flow and oxygen levels that helps you to sleep, and stay asleep.
Sciatica and More
Power Base beds reduce pain for sciatica, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis and other spinal issues by making it easier to sleep on your back for proper spinal alignment, breathing and blood flow.
Better support minimizes pain from joint compression, helping those with arthritis located in the upper or lower body wake up without feeling stiff and sore.
Your Power Base bed can be set to the correct position that allows you to be perfectly aligned and relaxed while reading, working on a laptop or watching TV.
Headaches and Minor Aches and Pains
Sleeping with your upper body elevated improves the amount of oxygen able to reach your body as well as your brain.
Diet and Digestion
Elevating the upper body improves your body’s ability to digest food properly, improving digestion and reducing weight gain.
Restless Leg Syndrome
Medication may help you sleep or mask pain and discomfort, but it doesn’t address the issue. Elevating your legs can lower discomfort and in some, eliminate pain and sleep deprivation.

And with our exclusive bedFITsm diagnostic process you can be 100% confident you’re buying the right bed – and Power Base – for you!